Lauren Hall: 18 Days Later

18 days later

Whoa, whoa, whoa Ms. Hall, you are so delayed on blogging!!! Owie! I knew it had been a while and I kept thinking, tomorrow, I’ll blog tomorrow.  Then I realized how long I had been gone when I checked out of the airport parking lot and the lady behind the desk says to me, “Wow, you’ve been gone a while – 18 days!” Yes ma’am I have been on the road a while but when you are with your REAL family(Chattanooga) and your cycling family(Optum) it seemed like a long weekend….

So here is a quick recap….

Gatineau was up first…

The race put us up in a hotel with our personal security officer looking after the bikes(pictures) which was fun for us.  We are easily entertained….. The road race was first.  What I remember most?  I crashed on one of the laps, pretty minor, I managed to head for the median and get some grass and dirt stains at most.  Once back on the bike, I was back in the group no problem.  The race finished in a sprint, Joelle was 2nd and I was 4th.  The time trial was 2 days later, same course, 2 laps, again, Joelle was 2nd and Janel and I finished in the top 10.  Before flying out the next day we found a really cool brewery within walking distance of the hotel, good times!  Joelle keeps us all entertained as you will see in one of the pictures below….things she has lost so far this season and may have mistaken your stuff for hers: jacket, chapstick, jersey x 2, 2 pairs of her own shoes in a hotel….I will think of more later….

From Ottawa we flew to Asheville for a quick stay over before driving to Chattanooga, TN for nationals.  I stayed with Ben and Verka and had a chance to spend some time with my sweet niece and Verka’s mom.  Chattanooga knows how to put on a good show!  I really enjoyed being there and having our race the same time as the men was a lot of fun.  First was the TT on Saturday at the Volkswagen plant.  I didn’t have that great of a race but it was great for the experience.  My family was there and it seemed they had plenty to do in between watching the TT, my nephew showed up with more toys and trinkets with VW on it and they had plenty of food there as well – awesome job VW!!!

The road race was on Monday and my teammate(Jade) won and I took second – it was so much fun!  I saw mom post race and she said she cried, must have been a good show:) Love you mom!

Tuesday morning, we drove back to Asheville for a couple more days before flying to Philadelphia for the one day race that finished on Manayunk Wall.  Joelle was second and our men’s team also took 2nd place, so yet again another successful weekend for Optum.  The wall was craziness but so much fun to be a part of.  I flew home yesterday and I will be here for 5 days before heading to Minnesota for Nature Valley GP and visiting with our sponsors based in MN.


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