Crystal Anthony Reports in on Boulder Cup

Crystal Anthony raced this past weekend’s Boulder Cup at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado. The race came fresh on the heals of the season opening CrossVegas in Las Vegas, NV which definitely boasted a much different climate. The colder temperatures and higher altitude was a far cry from the dry desert heat and made for a tough adjustment for Crystal.

“They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way when you have a tough race and your demise is advertised mercilessly under the blazing lights of Cross Vegas. Fortunately, or unfortunately, much of the attention goes to the front of the race; fortunately because those folks deserve respect for pulling off a good race under a lot of pressure so early in the season, unfortunately because the attention got a bit misguided in the form of tossing beer and stripper cards. Check out Helen Wyman’s articulate account here.
That said, I was uncharacteristically pleased to travel to altitude in Boulder for the next round of races at the US Open of Cross at the Boulder Reservoir and the Boulder Cup at Valmont Bike Park. As Jesse reminded me, “You gotta fight to keep your head above water in those situations,” and no matter how many bad days I have, it’s amazing how easy it is to feel bummed out by them. So, albeit feeling a bit sheepish, onward it was to the next challenge…

Read the rest of Crystal’s report on her personal blog. 

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