Human-Powered Health Announces Third Winner

After another fantastic month of contributions in August, we’re proud to announce our third “Hero of Human-Powered Health”, Farmington, Utah’s Kevin Day (@kdayracing). There’s almost nothing pro teams value more than a clean bicycle, and Kevin posted this wonderful photo of his young family embracing a fun, active lifestyle by washing their bikes together in the driveway to take home August’s grand prize – Park Took’s AK-38 Advanced Mechanic Took Kit.

We chatted with Kevin about what inspires him to lead an active lifestyle, why he loves Optum Pro Cycling and what he plans to do with his new tool kit.

What are your favorite activities? Cycling. Mostly mountain biking, but anything with two wheels is where I belong. Camping, hiking, trail running and alpine touring/skiing.

What makes you a fan of Optum Pro Cycling? I’ve watched the team during the Tour of Utah over the past few years. They seem to always have a strong crew of workhorse athletes that always find their way to the front when the going gets tough. The team has always demonstrated the ability to ride strong and most importantly, clean. The represent the world of bike racing very well.

What are your favorite healthy foods? Breakfast! Omelets or a hearty bowl of cereal. Sometimes both.

What does Human-Powered Health mean to you? Human-Powered Health is the key to a healthy lifestyle, essential life lessons and the highest quality family time you can get. Getting out and moving your body through space is a vital part of life. A must do for complete wellness.

What were you trying to communicate through the winning photo? Spend time with your kids, doing fun things and learning how to work hard. That’s what we do in our house.

What does Park Tool mean to you as a brand? Park Tool is a staple and trail blazer in the cycling industry. From the years I’ve spent working in bike shops, to fixing bikes with my kids; there’s a certain amount of quality and confidence that accompanies Park Tools.

What are you going to do with your new Park Tool tool kit? Overhaul all of my bikes of course. Well, I’ll probably carve out a sweet spot on the work bench for them first. Then, we’ll have bike tuneup lesions with the kids.

parktoolimageA big thanks to Park Tool, longtime team partner and the world’s #1 bicycle tool manufacturer, for sponsoring our August giveaway. Kevin’s prize is the company’s  AK-38 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit. This rugged, co-polymer box comes stocked with a 38-piece kit of Park Tool’s award winning tools – the same ones you will find on the benches of pro mechanics around the world.

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