Announces First Winner

We are very proud to announce the first winner of our photo contest – Froy Rubin of Union City, New Jersey. Froy published photos from his handle @0zymand1as last month and scored himself a new Diamondback Insight 2 with this shot of a Grand Canyon Hike.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.58.13 AM

We asked Froy a few questions about what inspires his work and what Human-Powered Health means to him. We had many, many fantastic contributions last month and it was a close call, so everyone keep snapping! This month’s giveaway – a Lazer Helium helmet and Lazer SS1 glasses.

IMG_20140527_193445Name   Froy Rubin

Hometown   Union City, New Jersey

What does Human-Powered Health mean to you?   Human-powered health means to me that I’m using the my own body as the primary source of energy in all my activities to stay active and healthy. It means that I enjoy spending time outdoors while producing the least amount of carbon footprint. In essence, it means living an active and adventure filled lifestyle that is environmentally conscious at the same time.

What are your favorite outdoor activities?   Mountain biking, road cycling, downhill and cross-country skiing, body boarding, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking

What are your favorite foods?   Thai, Iberian, Italian, and Filipino

What are you trying to communicate through the photos you have contributed?   The photos I have tagged on Instagram gives you glimpse of what I consider enjoyment of the great outdoors while being responsible to mother nature in the process.

What are you going to do with your new Diamondback Insight 2?   I cannot wait to try out my new hybrid Insight 2. New York City offers plenty of urban bike path to traverse, while the mountains of Upstate New York and New Jersey offer plenty of off-road terrain to tackle as well.

We looked through hundreds of amazing submissions and want to encourage everyone to keep pushing the envelope! every month is another chance to win more gear from our great partners. – we would like to mention five other contributors who stood out in the month of May.

Gen Balladares
gen balla

Kimberly Ciesla

Gus the Artist

Ride Eat Repeat
ride eat repeat

And our top team contributor for the month – Jeremy Durrin!

Thanks to all of our contributors
for helping build this inspiring collection!

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