Team Visits Santa Clara’s Central Elementary School

The men and women of the Orange & Black participated in some community service before the grueling Tour of the Gila when they were invited by the race to speak with a group of 1st and 2nd graders from Santa Clara’s Central Elementary School about everything cycling.

Pierrick Naud, Mike Woods, Will Routley, Phil Gaimon, and Brianna Walle attended the meet and greet, held in the school’s gymnasium. They shared stories of how they got their start in cycling and how they work together as a team to be successful.

The youngsters also got a chance to see the team’s official Diamondback race bicycle and were given a lesson in how it works from Phil Gaimon, dressed head to toe in team gear.

Riders handed out team posters and signed autographs, but one of the day’s biggest hits came from Pierrick Naud, when the French Canadian spoke a little of his native language to the kids.

Later this week, while the riders are competing in the Tour of the Gila, Central Elementary will be hold a small competition for the kids about the race, where they will have the chance to win more team swag.

Photos © Rebecca Reza & Mitchell Clinton












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