News Breaks | June 14-20 | Tetrick Wins Nez; Zwizanski a Hometown Helmet Hero; Gaimon Chats With Fans and Signs Books at QBP

Alison Tetrick Wins Reno’s Tour de Nez


Alison Tetrick continued her solo hot streak, winning Reno, Nevada’s popular downtown criterium event the Tour de Nez. Tetrick worked her way into a 4-woman breakaway around the race’s halfway point, but the quartet was not content to work together to make it to the line – attacks and counters eventually disintegrated the move down to just two riders. From there, Tetrick timed her race-winning move perfectly, leaving her final companion behind and crossing the line alone for her second West Coast victory in as many weeks.

We asked Ali a few questions about why she loves the Tour de Nez, and how she is recovering from a bumpy first half of the year.

What inspired you to head down to Reno to race the Tour de Nez?

I grew up in Northern California, so I love to come to the Tour de Nez – even though it’s in Nevada, it feels like racing in my backyard. The crowds and local fans are incredible, and it has attained legendary status for its party atmosphere. The course is really challenging and vibrant – it winds through downtown Reno alongside microbreweries, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. I love the energy on the bustling city streets, and the gusting wind and tough hill make it difficult to recover or hide.

You have had some hard crashes this year. What keeps you motivated, mentally and physically?

It has been a bit of a tumultuous year, with two crashes under my belt. They always take a little bit out of you – unless you are the invincible Annie Ewart! The crash at the national championship road race was painful and difficult to recover from, as there was more racing right on its heels. Luckily I was able to stay positive and focused, and I am starting to feel 100% again. Crashing is always hard, but the wounds seem to heal quicker with the help of this team’s incredible support system. Winning a couple of races post crash shows that my form is still good, and I am motivated to finish the rest of the year strong and safe.

Scott Zwizanski Brings Bike Safety to West Chester Youth


Scott Zwizanski helped make some pint-sized cyclists much safer at his wife Rosalie’s Hillside Elementary School in West Chester, PA last week, helping to get helmets on the heads of students in the school’s ELL program, ages kindergarten through 5th grade.

Mrs. Zwizanski filled us in on how the event came about, and how important it was to get helmets into the hands of some of her students.

“One of our ELL students with special needs crashed on his bike and was sent to the ER. He was not wearing a helmet. This prompted an investigation to see how many of our kids didn’t have helmets, and we decided to take action. ELL teacher Mary Daniels, caseworker Wilma Santos and myself acquired some helmets and approached the team about doing a little clinic, and they graciously accepted. When Scott came in, the kids were amazed. He taught them about the importance of bicycle safety and wearing a helmet at all times. We are so appreciative of Optum’s participation and the kids were beyond stoked to get their helmets and meet Scott.”

Zwizanski gave them a few lessons on how and why they should wear their new lids, as that age old message, “always wear your helmets, kids!” carries a bit more weight coming from someone who rides their bicycle for a living.

“All of these kids own and ride bikes, but none of them owned helmets,” said Zwizanski. “We kept it a surprise – they weren’t told they were getting them, and they were all very stoked to get a bike helmet. I talked to them about how important it is to always wear it while you ride, and showed them how to adjust it and wear it properly. It was a fun day!”

Phil Gaimon Chats With Fans, Signs Books at Quality Bicycle Products


Lazer Helmets helped host a Q&A and book signing with Phil Gaimon at Quality Bicycle Products, the largest distributor of bicycles, components, and accessories in the U.S. Phil, still scarred up from his recent crash at the Tour de Beauce, shared his always candid opinions on the pro peloton, nutrition, and the ups and downs of being a pro athlete. He handed out free copies and applied his John Hancock to his best selling book, “Pro Cycling on $10 a Day” for those in attendance. Phil was able to stay calm, despite the fact that there were no cookies in the immediate vicinity.

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