The opening stage of the 2015 Tour of Utah was a monster, with rain soaking every inch of a mountainous 132 mile circuit centered in Logan. A breakaway caught on slick closing circuits and the subseuquent scramble to the finish determined eventual winner Kiel Reijnen (UnitedHealthcare), who claiming the victory from a disjointed five-man dash to the line. Young finished sixth in the stage, first from a field sprint behind the five top finishers. It left the team wondering what could have been after quite possibly hardest Utah opener in race history.

Stage two was a 170 km circuit ( 8 laps of a 21 km loop) in La Baie, Quebec. The main feature was a tough stair-stepping climb that could easily split the field on every lap. This layout initially seemed to favor a breakaway, and we were prepared for such a outcome. On the other hand, we knew that it would be difficult to run a conventional defense, as we were shorthanded with Ryan abandoning due to illness. So lining up and riding behind moves was not really a good option. Our best shot to keep the yellow jersey was the standard “non-defense”.