Brianna Walle
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  • 2013 
  • 5' 4 

Team Ends Season Atop UCI America Tour

Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies finished 2015 in first place in the UCI America Tour. The UCI America Tour title is in addition to finishing the season as America’s top ranked continental men’s program. The…


What event or person inspired you to take up cycling and why?

My dad was the first person to introduce me to the bike as a tot and supported me in all of my childhood sports. Later in life, a few friends inspired me to buy my first road bike for recreational riding and an alternative activity to running. I started racing in 2010, after much persuasion from my former co-workers at Yakima Racks. I haven't looked back since.

What was your first memorable and meaningful experience on a bike?

My most memorable experience on the bike was riding for hours on my first road bike with a friend while living in Germany during a study abroad year. We would just ride, for as long as we wanted, without looking at our distances or time. Just ride until we were tired and explore new places. Of course lots of food was consumed along the way. I discovered right then and there that cycling brings me much freedom and relaxation.

Who were your hero\'s growing up and why?

Picabo Street (former Pro Alpine Ski racer) was my #1 hero growing up. All through high school, I had pro skiing aspirations and it was awesome to look up to a strong female athlete who turned her hobby into a career.

If you weren’t riding for the team, what would you be doing?

"Working to live" so that I can travel and play in the outdoors.

Do you have any unusual rituals, superstitions or things you do before a big race?

I'm addicted to watching silly YOUTUBE videos- just ask anyone on the team. Usually finding ridiculous videos as a nice "relaxation" method and share a good laugh. I also love to blast some electro tunes to pump me up.

What kind of health problems, injuries or other adversities have you encountered in you racing career?

So far *knock on wood* I haven't had crashes or injuries that have put me out for too much time.

What are some simple ways to eat healthy before, during, or after exercise?

I have 3 general "rules" surrounding this topic that help me manage keeping a balance and healthy diet around exercise . #1 Eat more carb-based foods before exercise for energy #2 Eat easy to digest foods while exercising (processed sugars and "bike food") #3 Eat a lot of protein and veggies post-workout. I like simple prep and cooking in general and a big fan of "all in one bowl" type meals. An example for pre-workout typically for me is: oatmeal with fruit, nuts and chia seeds and eggs and sweet potatoes with kale. During: CLIF energy bars, gels and PB and J sammies. POST: a protein-packed shake with a bowl of rice, veg and marinated chicken post-workout. I also like to graze in between and try to hit 6 "meals" per day so I'm not starving during the day and prevent over-eating. Also- I drink my calories as a great way to get in some quick nutrition. I'll usually have 2 shakes per day. One is a post-workout protein shake with a mix of fruit and veggies and another shake for mid-morning after bfast and before lunchtime.

Do you have an unique or unusual hobbies, qualifications or interests outside of cycling?

I speak fluent German (Jawhol!) and lived/worked in Germany for a year. I love to travel to new places and experience the culture- especially the local arts and food. I'll try anything at least once.

What does the phrase Human-Powered Health mean to you?

Taking the initiative to put health first and lead a healthy lifestyle.